Our Profile

Erudite Brainsmith Ltd

Where education and social development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus on academic success and the whole child means that every child will find a happy academic future.
Learners have always believed in good education and we have a real passion and desire to deliver it.

We have certified, well-trained tutors who have scaled through series of professional screening processes and certifications.

At Brainsmith we believe that EVERY CHILD needs a bit of extra help in those early years so that they can be ahead right from the beginning given the present educational system and competitive scenario.

We work closely with parents; as our goals are the same - to get the child ahead in academics. Every session will have assignments, reports will be given to parents in order to track the progress of their children.

All Tutors undergo a three stage interview where their credibility and teaching abilities are properly tested. We run background checks on all Tutors which includes unannounced visits to the tutor claimed residence before assigning a tutor to a child.

Our Vision

Constantly position ourselves strategically in our chosen line of business and be perceived as a dynamic, responsible and efficient provider of first class professional educational solution services.

Our Mission

Our mission approach is human development-oriented in that maximum client support is a center factor in the quality of service that we offer.